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  • December

    Happy holidays, everyone!

    I started this new painting at last week’s Mellow Mushroom Drink and Draw. Live models come and dress up in fun (usually comic inspired) costumes. It’s a blast, but I don’t always get the best drawings out of it. Not this time! The second image in this post is of the original sketch that I did while I was participating in Drink and Draw. This is so you can see how my drawings usually start out as loose, sloppy messes (this one is very tight for me) that shouldn’t be shown in public. Lucky you! I was getting close to something cool, but I wasn’t happy with leaving the drawing as it was. I mean, who doesn’t love a sexy pin-up Santa girl smooching a mini Grim Reaper? I know… it’s creepy… and cute! So I used the pose, tweaked the little skeleton dude and added type that mimics the shape of his Santa hat. (I like to think that the skeleton/reaper is wearing a Snuggie of Doom!) I hope it helps spread some holiday cheer to all of us that might have a little creepiness in our hearts. Ya weirdos! <3

    This framed 11” x 15” original is for sale for $70. 11”x17” prints are $12. Holiday greeting cards with envelopes are $4 each. If you would like any of these, please send order requests to my email at ddestefano11@gmail.com.

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