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  • September
    The East Atlanta Strut 2011

    The East Atlanta Strut was last Saturday and I was there with my art booth, hanging outside on a gorgeous Autumn day. Thanks to all you Strutters who came by my booth. I had the most fun that day that I have had at a festival yet. I even got some pictures.

    First, one of my friends got a this gigantic turkey leg for me. It’s about as big as my head. Since I’m kind of a smallish person, I find it hilarious when I eat enormous foods.

    The picture below has a personal story behind it. Here it goes: One night, I was driving home from the grocery store when I saw this woman in the picture riding a bicycle with something hovering above her. Since I’m a fan of spooky things in general, live in a creatively natured neighborhood and I have high expectations accompanied by an often overactive imagination, I was thinking “Please let that thing hovering above her be a ghost! Please let it be a ghost!” Low and behold, she was being “chased” by this ghost in the photo, therefore fulfilling all of my dreams. I rushed home and started sketching ideas for a painting called “The Night Ride” that I’ll be making very soon.

    On Saturday, I found out that the ghost on a bike is part of a community art project called “The Ghost Chase”. You can read more about it at the Grateful Gluttons website. I got to meet my mysterious ghost rider, Chantelle (the head ghost), in person and I’m even planning on making my own ghost and participating in the parade around the Beltline on October 30th. Hooray! Spots are still open for Saturday’s ghost and lantern making workshops. Please sign up if this sounds like something you’d be interested in.

    Next, my friend Kiki from Homegrown is in Atlanta’s amazing and odd Seed N’ Feed Marching Abominables marching band. She was super nice and got the whole band to come and play “Mustang Sally” right in front of my booth! It was awesome, especially since I missed the parade. Even before this, Kiki’s husband and awesome guy all-around Bill got his brass band to play for me as well. You guys rock!

    After the Abominables finished, I got to borrow the bass drummer’s hat. Of course, I got all of my friends to wear it. Hat time!

    I look like I’m in a glam rock band.

    Jason looks grumpy, as he should be. It’s his nature.

    Bianca looks pretty snazzy.

    Adam had the answer to “How do you make this hat look even gayer?” Corndog.

    The last one is my teacher Gary. I don’t know why, but he insisted that he also wear my jacket. Ridiculous. Thank you, Gary.

    The after that, the day was filled with chilling out with friends, meeting new ones and drinking rum punch. This is how I felt by the end of it:

    That’s all for now. Please check back soon for a post on the events that I’ll be involved in for October. Halloween is coming up, so it’s busy times yet again for Dante Illustration. Before I go, here’s a new piece that I’m fairly pleased with. It’s my interpretation of an atom bomb exploding.

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