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  • November

    What an awesome day!

    First, a little info for those who don’t know me personally. I work with children part-time during the week. One of them is a year 3 year-old boy named Nate. He loves music and trains and has an awesome family. It was a beautiful day today in Atlanta, so we went to the Candler Park after school. I also decided to bring a box of canvases covered in mastic texture to sand down while Nate played in the park.

    Nate has actually been an enthusiastic helper before. He loves learning how things work and explaining them to others. Last week, he helped me make 18 pin-back buttons and counted everyone of them. I thought he’d get bored after the third one, but he just wanted to keep going.

    Today, he wanted to know how to use the sand paper I was working with to smooth my textured canvases. He helped as much as he wanted to for a while and then continued running up and down the hill and collecting sticks (cuz that’s what 3 year-old’s do). As I continued sanding and watching Nate, a group of girls gathered around my park bench and wanted to know more about what I was doing and the kind of art I made. A couple of them wanted to help and asked if they could try sanding the canvases themselves. I said “sure” and, before I knew it, I was surrounded by a group of awesome 9 year-old girls sanding away.

    Now, I’m not condoning child labor, nor am I using it. I just love the natural, spontaneous curiosity that kids possess. I didn’t ask them to help, but they just started helping. Just seeing this random group of girls learning something new about art and handy-work was awesome and empowering in a way. I wish I could have stayed and let them each paint something on them. Even if they didn’t get to paint on them, the paintings that I’ll put on them will be extra special because these girls helped make them. Thanks, girls! You rock!

    This also made me miss teaching art with kids. I’ve been dreaming of hosting an all-girls creative painting group for ages 8-12 for months now, but today kicked it into full gear. I’ll keep you updated on it once I find a venue to host it, if you are interested.

    (P.S. If your child is in this picture and you don’t agree with them being on my blog, please politely email me [ddestefano11@gmail.com] and I will remove the pictures from this post. I just loved this moment of my life and thought it would be a cool thing to share with my fans.)

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    I had a wonderful and complete day of painting today! It felt great and I wanted to show you two of my favorite pieces from today.

    Also, I’ll be at the Candler Park Art Gallery’s artist market on Saturday during the Little Five Points Halloween Festival. It’s located at Oakdale and McLendon near the Candler park MARTA station, so please stop by on your way to the festival. I’ll be there with my paintings and clothes.

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