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  • May

    I’m so glad that I went to Athens, Georgia yesterday! The Craftstravaganza was great. I will be signing up Restless Threads for a booth as soon as possible. This point in starting my clothing line is so exciting. All I want to do is make more clothes so we can start selling them ASAP. Going to Athens just made me more anxious to do so. I can’t wait!

    Athens took me by surprise. I’ve never been there just to visit. I’ve been to see shows or something and that’s always at night, but I had a blast just strolling around and rummaging through the shops. I had no idea what a treasure trove Athens is for used clothing. I got lots of cool pieces that will make great hoodies and skirts. I also met so many cool people. I felt right at home. Everyone that I talked to was super nice and I want to thank them for making my visit so awesome. I even got a free beer! I’ll have to come back soon.

    P.S. Craig from Kangaroo Alliance drew the monster for me while I was in Wuxtry. I love their stuff! You should go check them out. Anyone who animates for Yo Gabba Gabba is super cool. That show is nuts!

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